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Tips to Enjoy Your Day Out With Your Dog at a Dog Park

A dog that lacks enough playtime can have physical and health problems. The dog needs treats and compliments for it to be motivated to play. Private dog parks need you to pay a certain amount of money for you to access the facility while some public dog parks are free on specific days. This is how you can have a good time with your dog in the dogs’ park.

Do not get too physical with your dog. However, it is not recommended to play with your dog and another dog or pet. Help your dog to know how to play with another pet without getting aggressive so that it gets used to seeing you around other dogs and pets.

Begin by providing your dog a balanced diet before you go to the dog park. You should not give more exercises to your dog just because it is larger. You will be able to create a routine for the dog to follow so that it does not lazy around or become antisocial to other dogs.

The butter up game is simple as the dog run to fetch items and bring them to you. The game developed the muscles of the dog. Command the dog and after the ball and fetch it by using simple instructions like “take it.” When the dog fetches the ball in its mouth commanded to drop it at your feet.

You can play with the dog at the dog park that has a swimming pool for dogs. Ensure that a dog wants to get into the water and have knowledge on how to get out before you play this game with it to protect it from getting hurt because it can drown. Repeat the exercises until the dog get familiar with the rules of the game.

This game involves a lot of jumping and running to catch a tossed disc before it gets to the ground. You can them stop giving it a treat but use compliments more whenever it follows the instructions correctly but stop playing the game when it loses interest in fetching the disc.
Since you cannot let your dog go wandering in strange places on its own hunting you should help with practices hunting skills through the hidden treasure game. You did the dog’s favorite treats for it to sniff from your hand.

The tug of war game enhances the development of the mind and body of the dog. Begin pulling in the opposite direction and command the dog to move in the opposite direction by moving rope up and down and back and forth until the dog understands the instruction. Stop the game when the dog starts pulling aggressively.

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